Thursday, April 24, 2008

i just stopped...*

there gets a point in my life when every person in it abandon me, just stop having a relationship with me.. or i just stop existing to them.. people just tend to do that

it sucks so much because when it happens i don't expect it.. it just happens in a blink of an eye..

they just stop caring.. and it makes me feel like shit..

i feel like i care too much about them and they don't care a shit about me..

i don't feel like i have a best friend anymore.. i'm just by myself.. i have no one to go to.. except my mom but that doesn't count that comes all natural :).. and my boyfriend.. they are the only ones that are truly always there for me..

i do things for people even though i know .. i really know.. they would never do something equal or even close to what i could do for them..

when i am a friend i am 100% of a friend.. and i expect 100% from my friends too.. but i rarely receive it..

i just don't..

i just wonder sometimes .. did this really happened?.. did you just vanished?.. did i missed something?.. its not fair.. not even close to fair..

i miss who you were.. and you're not even the shadow of it..

it breaks my heart every day still caring.. still hoping for the best.. still believing in you

"all your friends seem like enemies when your broken down and empty"...

i'm broken down and empty...

i want a consistent friend.. someone who's my friend always.. not sometimes when they feel like it.. because i'm a friend always and i will always be...

i need a friend that cares like i care.. i need a friend that needs a friend.. i want a friend that wants a friend..

i thought i had that friend.. but i just stopped believing..


Felitop said...

A real expression of the sadness of the soul and the exclamation to a new beginning!!! me encanto...
lala de best!!

cArLa M. said...

maybe the other peopLe feLt the same.. maybe they didnt, maybe you expect to much, maybe they did.. maybe when they try to come back they get punched in the face again, maybe they were never your friends.