Saturday, December 29, 2007

the planet...*

it's funny how people who actually believe in global warming don't even recycle.. and us.. the ones who don't actually do..

i consider myself pro-environment.. and it doesn't matter if i believe in global warming or not..

i actually prefer that people believe in it just because it's going to make them do a difference..

i think we're really doing a harm to the world.. to the environment, to the species, and specially to the future of the human being..

so i'm trying to make a change.. even if it's not a lot, with little pieces we can build a big sculpture right?.. so i'm doing my best..

here's what we can do.. that can really make a difference even if we think it can't:

-don't use you're car unless you NEED to.. not just to go around the block.. WALK.. or even use a bicycle if you want..
-turn off everything you're not using that is consuming ENERGY
-don't throw garbage to the ground that's when the trash cans are useful!
-buy stuff that can actually be recycled, reused, rechargeable, and stuff like that..

i think u get the point..
i don't believe we're actually responsible for the climate changes (this is actually the sun's fault but I'll talk about that maybe some other time) but we're doing a harm and we need to do something about it now..

Save the planet =)...

Click -> World Wildlife Foundation

i like this video it's true .. as i told before i don't believe we can control climate changes but i liked the message anyways...

Monday, December 24, 2007

we usually forget...*

what Christmas is all about.. we end up wasting our vacations in the stores trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone and we don't even give one second to Who is the reason for the season right?.. so i want to give Him thanks for giving me another year of celebrations and pray for many more to come.. and that he never let me forget that He's the reason for all these good times we call Holidays..

thank You i ♥ You... =)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

first half...*

first islebrook song i've written and is not even complete but i like it :)..

i hope you can hear it soon..

it doesn't even have a name yet.. :D


i can't reach the sky,
maybe i will let go, maybe i will let go
the stars are brighter tonight,

the world has never been so real
the world has never been so clear
i don't want to go back
there's so much left to see

i never thought i would say this
but come back, come back to me now
i will continue my journey
the search for my soul, my life...



Monday, December 17, 2007

murphy's law...*

i strongly believe in Murphy's law

Murphy's law is an adage in Western culture that broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance. It is most often cited as "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" (or, alternately, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way" or, "Anything that can go wrong, will," or "If anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportune moment").

like when you are late or in a hurry.. all the traffic lights are red, or you end up in a traffic jam..
or when you go to Wendy's just to eat a Caesar's salad they're out of lettuce..
or when you finally drive to the beach after a few days of changing plans and avoiding it.. it starts raining..
or when you are all dressed up to a party and a tire explodes in the way there..

anyways you get the point haha..

it's ironic and funny (sometimes)... but it's true :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

today was my favorite kind of day...*

laughing, having a good time, hanging out with my friends =)
it's awesome i have days like these almost every other weekend

-- i didn't really mean my last post, i was mad.. you have my heart and you make me happy that's all that really matters :D...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

i don't ask for too much...*

i don't expect you to buy me flowers
i don't expect you to take me out to a fancy dinner
i don't expect you to buy me diamonds
i don't expect you to take me to Paris

i just expect you to think about us as only one
not you first and if you're good everything's fine because is not..

i just expect you to say nice things.. to do stupid things that make me smile

the little things are the ones that matter the most :/

global warming...*

what a beautiful lie..

it doesn't exist.. it's just an urban legend :)

i would explain what i think about it but then i may be banned =D..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

brain storm...*

-have u ever felt like u don't belong?...
like people aren't really what they seem?

-i really don't care that much about what other people think but man if i care too much it means something right?...

-finally the rain is over.. i guess.. well it's still raining but not as much and often as these last days.. i finally saw blue in the sky today.. yay!

-tomorrow i have my last exam of this year finally.. i hope i ace it :)

-today i heard a song of scary kids, scaring kids that said "i'm conquering the world one heart at a time" i loved it =)

-i realized i'm not liking myself physically as much as i did before .. but i'm working on it.. i think is finally coming back i'm feeling prettier .. maybe it was the hormones.. ohh the hormones...

-it's funny that nobody in my family is a twin and yet i can have twins.. said my dr. .. two miracles one big pain... haha

-why can't we live in Pangaea we could go everywhere without an airplane.. =D

the muse is gone.. good night...*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

things u may not know...*

i noticed i'm not that normal..
although normal is something relative.. (si relativo)

i don't like to sleep to the sound of the rain.. i even hate hearing it.. no me calma como a los demás..
i'm really afraid of the dark and i have a really big phobia of thunder and lightning
i hate cinnamon.. taste and smell.. sí incluye los Cinnamon Rolls.. ew..
i actually enjoy traffic jams, just sometimes.. rara la vez pero lo hago..
i hate complete silence.. it makes me nervous..
i don't believe in Darwin's Theory.. i don't believe the Bible's Theory Either..
i prefer not searching from where we come but search to where we go..
i doesn't matter from where we come.. we're here .. that's all that matters..
where are we going?.. that's the important part..
i don't like roses..
but i do like flowers..
i love going to the beach but i don't like getting in the water..
i love movies.. i do.. but i don't like watching them.. or even going to the movies..
i prefer that someone (like carla) tells me the story and just give emphasis to the interesting parts..
i don't like watching them because is really hard for me to just do one thing at a time.. and if i'm watching a movie i just have to watch it.. and i also think is a waste of time.. and that we're giving more money to those who already have lots.. but that's another story..
my most disorganized drawer has all the little messes organized.. yeah i know i'm a freak.. i'm Monica... (friends)...
i fold my socks...... (FREAKKKKKK! i knowwww.. hahah it seems to impress people.. verdad carla haha)
and i'm not going to tell you todas mis manías.. porque no termino..
i believe there's life out there.. is a little bit selfish to think we're alone in this big universe..
i hate waking up early.. but i love to watch the sky early in the morning..
i'm in love with sunsets, stars, and everything that has to do with the sky.. (except rainy days)
i HATE!.. really big hate... to drink anything without ice.. EVERYTHING NEEDS ICE.. except water.. :)
i don't like beans.. i love broccoli
i have a short attention spam.. but i can let u think i'm really listening to you without me even noticing..
i don't have short term memory.. well i don't have a really good memory at all
if i have a tv in front of me.. don't even talk to me.. because i don't listen to anything just the tv..
i'm not a good liar AT ALL..
no sé disimular para nada..
i'm not a candy lover.. but i do love chocolate..
i hate sour candy..
i can eat all my food without a drop of liquid..
i usually just drink like 1/6 of what i drink with my food.. and yet i eat all the ice in the cup :) without finishing the liquid in it.. (thanks carla hahah)
i hate spicy food.. but i love tacossssss
i hate how the colors lavender and brown looks on me.. but i like lavender..
i hate high pitch voices..
i have all my clothes in the closet organized by color and the shirts inside every color by the lenght of their sleeves
i love math
i hate chemistry
i love history

i don't know what else to write but i had fun haha..
i know there's a bunch of things more i couldn't remember right know.. but i'll let u know..

gracias carlaaaaaaaa love ya'... :)...*


isn't it frustrating when you think you're ready to pass an exam and when you get it you are not ready at all.. and is not what you expected?.. i hate when that happens to me because i don't want to study anymore because i think it's useless..

isn't it frustrating when you expect things from people and you don't get them?..
isn't it frustrating when you keep expecting even though you know it's useless?...

well.. I'll keep on studying because i don't want to fail anymore exams even though sometimes i think it's worthless.. just like expecting.. I'll keep expecting even though is worthless too :)...

i think too much rain is affecting my brain haha...*

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Sunday, December 9, 2007


well this is my first blog here
i will try to write often..


every day i think about why does money exists so why not write about it..
(pardon my bad grammar and spelling)

men created money to control men
like almost every other thing created by men..
the sad part is that money does control everything a man can do.
why do we have to waste our lives studying and then working just so we can enjoy what real life is supposed to be..
men decided this and we have to put up with it because we have no choice..
if we didn't have the blessing to be born on a wealthy family we have to struggle all our lives working to enjoy it..
it makes no sense at all..
it makes no sense at all because maybe if you're not lucky enough you will live your life working and when you can finally enjoy it something you didn't plan can happen.. or something like that if you know what i mean...

maybe is a stupid thing to think for some people but for me it isn't
is a way to make me work harder so i can enjoy my life faster than retiring at 65.