Sunday, January 27, 2008

i want to be one of those...*

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
---T. S. Eliot

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i'll sing it to a new melody...*

words escape from my mouth as fast as they arrive my mind
i can't control what i feel just because i said so..
so i will make myself think you mean nothing to me
but as much as i think it i keep thinking of you
so i guess there's nothing left for me to do
your empty words are a punishment for me
i guess this was never what we really wanted
but it all stopped like this
although every story needs an ending
this didn't end, it just stopped existing.

Monday, January 14, 2008


this is the best song that i could have heard today

Once More With Feeling - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Don't let the silence get you down
Though you've been sitting here for hours
Hoping a voice could soon be found
That speaks much louder than this music

For you're a little off colour and out for the count
Don't let that get you down

Don't let the talking keep you up
If they're your friends they'll share your vision
And as the phone rings break the silence they don't figure out that you
Don't want to answer

For you're a little off colour and tired of the sound
Don't let it get you down

Don't let the people make you think
That just because you're young you're useless
You know it's not naive to think that you can change the things around
And that no man is an island
For I'd rather be a pebble in an ocean vast and drown alone
Than make no sound

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i'm a little frustrated with the world today :/..

so much going on in my mind
i don't want to worry about anything anymore :@...

i have so much plans for my future plans that are really important to me.. and in them i include every single person that means a LOT to me.. i try so hard not to forget about them when i'm planning because i want them to know they're important in my life and they're in my future too.. at least in my plans.. and i don't want to let them go because they're part of me now..

and i get so frustrated because i'm starting to notice that none of them have me in they're plans.. they're just planning their future without thinking of the people that care about them..
and i know it's not something bad because it's their future and they'll do wtvr they want with it
but why the hell do i care so much... it hurts.. and it's so difficult for me not to care about making them part of my life.. but i guess that's just me...

maybe this will make me learn that some people will not be there always...

i heard the other day in a song something that really made me wonder and nod as i heard..
"all good things must end... then again some things are far to good to go ahead and let go..."

so i guess that time will let me know what are those things...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Goodbye Vacations =(...*

tomorrow classes again =(.. boo..

anyway i finish the first week of February so there's more vacations coming soon !! yayy.. haha a near future i will accompany carla to San Juan Islands, The Galapagos Islands, and Ricon hahahaha.. we will see whales ok?.. we will =)
and she will accompany me to some places in Europe, Australia, Canada, to the Machu Pichu.. so we can visit it and i can take great photos there that'll make me famous ok?.. and we will visit Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii so we can learn about the stars =)

ok?... ok =D!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For 2008...*

i don't want to do silly resolutions i will not follow.. i want to have a plan.. for this new year.. and for my life :)
this year i plan to start everything from scratch, lots of new and exciting things..
i plan to do everything in the moment and to not leave anything for later
i will meet new people
i will catch up with old friends
i will not let myself be bored .. just when i need to i will..
i will do my best at everything i do
i will not lose my time at stupid things that will not matter in my future
i will not lose my temper because people want me to lose it
i will keep my head up in every situation
i will try to save the planet =D
i will be a good person
i will travel
better... i will conquer the world =)