Friday, July 30, 2010

Featuring Friday: AngelasPaperArt...*

Today's feature is an amazing shop I found on an amazing thread (30 minutes of fame).

It's AngelasPaperArt. This shop makes wonderful items and she has such an amazing talent that everyone should know about her. Her shop is about Paper Quilling items. So check it out!

 Here are the questions & answers:

1)Describe your shop in just a few sentences
My shop offers a variety of paper items, many of which are quilled. Some of my items include cards, ornaments and keepsake boxes.

 2)What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from all types of places; magazines, prints and patterns on fabric, architecture and the nature we see all around us. I also look at art from different mediums to study how I can translate them into paper items. 

3)What would you say makes your shop unique?
My shop is unique, because it features an art form that a lot of people don't know about. Paper quilling is a beautiful technique that I hope to master and introduce to a wider audience. My shop also has several different types of paper art objects.

4)What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favorite item is my Japanese Quilled Fan. I came across a picture of a metal wall hanging fan in a magazine. I tore out the page and used it as a jumping off point to make one out of quilled paper. 

5)Any new ideas coming soon for your shop?
I'm looking to diversify my shop even more. I intend to start a line of entirely quilled keepsake boxes, but right now I'm doing so trial runs to work on perfecting them. So stay tuned.

 My personal favorite from AngelasPaperArt gotta be this lovely snowflake ornament. I'm in love with it.

If you want to contact Angela or her shop click here:
Etsy Shop

And guess what? She has a special offer for you readers:
Mention this blog in your notes to seller and receive 10% off your purchase.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to something new!

Angela said...

thank you for featuring me. i love it!

Estylo Jewelry said...

I can't even imagine the patience you need to make this tiny little flowers. Gorgeous shop.

d3b...* said...

i'm glad u guys liked!! :)...*

Donna said...

Nice quilling work. It is nice to see such beautiful artwork. You don't see much quilling anymore!

Enid said...

Great Feature!!! Congrats Angela!!!

LyonsDenCreations said...

What a wonderful feature of Angela!! Her work is incredible!!! Great job!!

LyonsDenCreations said...

Great feature on Angela!! Her work is incredible!!! Great job!!

johnniebelinda said...

Beautiful work

MyHandmadeCrafts said...

Stunning! Bought from Angela before and her work will amaze you even more when you see it up in person! :)

araleling said...

Amazing etsian =D
So skillful and talented =3

galla15 said...

Angelas shop is amazing! I own several items from her and I can say she has incredible color combinations and high quality work. I have a set of her new paper beads and LOVE them. I also had a custom order done. She was extremely quick about it and it was PERFECT!!

Giftbearer said...

Great feature! Angela's detail is amazing with paper!