Saturday, October 16, 2010

mental peace.

i'm always looking for mental peace.. the past week i found myself quitting something i fought for very hard.. because it wasn't what i expected.. it was hard and frustrating.. but i had to do it in order to stick with my mental peace..

i learned that when things don't happen for a reason and we push them they will happen but not as we expect them.. we have to respect God's will and just learn to accept his plan for us..

i learned to be hopeful always and always think that every thing happens for the best..

and i learned that mental peace comes first of anything else.. your mind and soul should be in peace in order for you to love your life and what u do.

i don't feel like sharing exactly what happened but the main thing about all this is that i'm sure i can say "Lesson learned".. and "Thank you God"... and "Bring it on life".. lol ok not sure about the last one :D..

have a nice weekend everyone!!.. i'm probably going to work a lot and take lots of pictures for my shops i need to get those shops far!..

working on giveaway for next week! stay tuned!!! :)

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