Monday, November 22, 2010

Etsy Feature: Sevilyadesign

This week's feature is an awesome shop that is also part of Team Discovery. Check out Sevilyadesign

1)Describe yourself and shop in a few sentences.
I was born in Israel in 1963. For many years, I was on a personal journey to find my way as an artist in my community. When I created my first Paper Mache sculpture, I fell in love immediately. The entire creative process, starting with old junk, news papers and glue fascinated me. I developed a way to include more materials like cardboard and metals into the mix. As an artist, every aspect of creating art interests me and fills me with energy, but nothing makes me feel more whole and at peace than my Paper Mache creations. The creatures come alive in front of your eyes.  They are the ones in control. In Avi Sevilya’s studio we believe in the natural beauty of paper, in its’ texture and elasticity which leads our way of work, our motto is “ Life provides us with constant changes that leads to blessed changes…”

2)How did the shop start?
I opened this shop because I was looking to expose my works of art. I was looking for an audience who love art and design. I found it in Etsy.

3)What inspires you?
Because my character I was constantly changing, my inspiration comes from nature and the environment next to me at that time.

4)What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favorite item in my shop is the "Gray Shell" . 

5)Apart from Etsy what do you dedicate to?
I am dedicate to disabled children. I am Working with disabled children in hospitals. Following this I developed The "Dream Bike" a Bicycle with an integrated IV stand . Today, The Dream Bike is making sick children smile in hospitals throughout Israel and in the United States. The children welcome their new friends with joy and laughter.

6)Tell us a little about what you have planned for your shop in the future.
We plan for the future to continue develop the design with a paper.

My Personal Favorite from this shop has to be this one!

Didn't you love this shop?! I Love it! So full of creative and unique things.

If you want to learn more about this shop and it's amazing owner then here are some ways you can contact them! (Just click on them)

Go and leave them some love :)


Anya Face said...

love this!!! and i love her items! thanks so much for the interview!


sevilyadesign said...

Thank you so much! I realy Appreciate it. It's written in very beautiful way and the pictures Also looked nice!

Sigalit said...

Love your art, creative and special
Wishing you lots of success:)

tali onor said...

I love Sevilyadesigns shop.
I love her use of colors and her cute birds!

ד said...

Sevil is so creative! I love her works! Good Luck!

Efrat - Jewelry Design said...

I love your work!
It is so special and unique!!
I wish you a lot of success!!