Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi everyone!! I miss my blog, my etsy, everything! but i don't have much time to re-open my etsy shops for now!! hopefully soon i'll be able to open at least one.. maybe when the next term starts in may. that's my cue lol.. anyways i wanted to announce that i have a new blog for my photography. this blog will still be used for my personal stuff, etsy some pictures etc. But this new blog shows a picture a day of how i see the world or just stuff that captured my eye at some time. I'm really excited for this new year with new opportunities and i figured that a cool way to show it would be with my photos. hope you all follow me and like it!! miss u all!!

here's the link!

sorry for not being around much commenting or anything but i will at least take some moments a week to do that again. hugs!!!

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