Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For 2008...*

i don't want to do silly resolutions i will not follow.. i want to have a plan.. for this new year.. and for my life :)
this year i plan to start everything from scratch, lots of new and exciting things..
i plan to do everything in the moment and to not leave anything for later
i will meet new people
i will catch up with old friends
i will not let myself be bored .. just when i need to i will..
i will do my best at everything i do
i will not lose my time at stupid things that will not matter in my future
i will not lose my temper because people want me to lose it
i will keep my head up in every situation
i will try to save the planet =D
i will be a good person
i will travel
better... i will conquer the world =)


mcxl5 said...

like it or not, those are resolutions :)

happy new year deb.

cArLa M. said...

por Lo menos sabes que LA DE La cabeza se va a cumpLirrr!!

muy bien despues de que no sea estar a dieta estan muy buenas