Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i'll sing it to a new melody...*

words escape from my mouth as fast as they arrive my mind
i can't control what i feel just because i said so..
so i will make myself think you mean nothing to me
but as much as i think it i keep thinking of you
so i guess there's nothing left for me to do
your empty words are a punishment for me
i guess this was never what we really wanted
but it all stopped like this
although every story needs an ending
this didn't end, it just stopped existing.


cArLa M. said...

me gusto un montonn especiaLmente Lo uLtimo jajaja es como que bn in your face!

d3b...* said...

jajaj sii.. pero tengo ke a~adirle par asi ke me ayudas !! y acomodarlo en algun tono ajajajajaj =)...*

mcxl5 said...

i wish i understood the spanish comments