Saturday, December 29, 2007

the planet...*

it's funny how people who actually believe in global warming don't even recycle.. and us.. the ones who don't actually do..

i consider myself pro-environment.. and it doesn't matter if i believe in global warming or not..

i actually prefer that people believe in it just because it's going to make them do a difference..

i think we're really doing a harm to the world.. to the environment, to the species, and specially to the future of the human being..

so i'm trying to make a change.. even if it's not a lot, with little pieces we can build a big sculpture right?.. so i'm doing my best..

here's what we can do.. that can really make a difference even if we think it can't:

-don't use you're car unless you NEED to.. not just to go around the block.. WALK.. or even use a bicycle if you want..
-turn off everything you're not using that is consuming ENERGY
-don't throw garbage to the ground that's when the trash cans are useful!
-buy stuff that can actually be recycled, reused, rechargeable, and stuff like that..

i think u get the point..
i don't believe we're actually responsible for the climate changes (this is actually the sun's fault but I'll talk about that maybe some other time) but we're doing a harm and we need to do something about it now..

Save the planet =)...

Click -> World Wildlife Foundation

i like this video it's true .. as i told before i don't believe we can control climate changes but i liked the message anyways...

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