Tuesday, December 11, 2007

things u may not know...*

i noticed i'm not that normal..
although normal is something relative.. (si relativo)

i don't like to sleep to the sound of the rain.. i even hate hearing it.. no me calma como a los demás..
i'm really afraid of the dark and i have a really big phobia of thunder and lightning
i hate cinnamon.. taste and smell.. sí incluye los Cinnamon Rolls.. ew..
i actually enjoy traffic jams, just sometimes.. rara la vez pero lo hago..
i hate complete silence.. it makes me nervous..
i don't believe in Darwin's Theory.. i don't believe the Bible's Theory Either..
i prefer not searching from where we come but search to where we go..
i doesn't matter from where we come.. we're here .. that's all that matters..
where are we going?.. that's the important part..
i don't like roses..
but i do like flowers..
i love going to the beach but i don't like getting in the water..
i love movies.. i do.. but i don't like watching them.. or even going to the movies..
i prefer that someone (like carla) tells me the story and just give emphasis to the interesting parts..
i don't like watching them because is really hard for me to just do one thing at a time.. and if i'm watching a movie i just have to watch it.. and i also think is a waste of time.. and that we're giving more money to those who already have lots.. but that's another story..
my most disorganized drawer has all the little messes organized.. yeah i know i'm a freak.. i'm Monica... (friends)...
i fold my socks...... (FREAKKKKKK! i knowwww.. hahah it seems to impress people.. verdad carla haha)
and i'm not going to tell you todas mis manías.. porque no termino..
i believe there's life out there.. is a little bit selfish to think we're alone in this big universe..
i hate waking up early.. but i love to watch the sky early in the morning..
i'm in love with sunsets, stars, and everything that has to do with the sky.. (except rainy days)
i HATE!.. really big hate... to drink anything without ice.. EVERYTHING NEEDS ICE.. except water.. :)
i don't like beans.. i love broccoli
i have a short attention spam.. but i can let u think i'm really listening to you without me even noticing..
i don't have short term memory.. well i don't have a really good memory at all
if i have a tv in front of me.. don't even talk to me.. because i don't listen to anything just the tv..
i'm not a good liar AT ALL..
no sé disimular para nada..
i'm not a candy lover.. but i do love chocolate..
i hate sour candy..
i can eat all my food without a drop of liquid..
i usually just drink like 1/6 of what i drink with my food.. and yet i eat all the ice in the cup :) without finishing the liquid in it.. (thanks carla hahah)
i hate spicy food.. but i love tacossssss
i hate how the colors lavender and brown looks on me.. but i like lavender..
i hate high pitch voices..
i have all my clothes in the closet organized by color and the shirts inside every color by the lenght of their sleeves
i love math
i hate chemistry
i love history

i don't know what else to write but i had fun haha..
i know there's a bunch of things more i couldn't remember right know.. but i'll let u know..

gracias carlaaaaaaaa love ya'... :)...*

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cArLa M. said...

im gonna quote a movie i once saw.. "There is no fucking normaL".

jaja se quedo conmigo!

de nada :D