Sunday, December 9, 2007


well this is my first blog here
i will try to write often..


every day i think about why does money exists so why not write about it..
(pardon my bad grammar and spelling)

men created money to control men
like almost every other thing created by men..
the sad part is that money does control everything a man can do.
why do we have to waste our lives studying and then working just so we can enjoy what real life is supposed to be..
men decided this and we have to put up with it because we have no choice..
if we didn't have the blessing to be born on a wealthy family we have to struggle all our lives working to enjoy it..
it makes no sense at all..
it makes no sense at all because maybe if you're not lucky enough you will live your life working and when you can finally enjoy it something you didn't plan can happen.. or something like that if you know what i mean...

maybe is a stupid thing to think for some people but for me it isn't
is a way to make me work harder so i can enjoy my life faster than retiring at 65.

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mcxl5 said...

100% agree. maybe we'd be happier if we were just hunter/gatherers. and no one really 'worked'. as much as we try to make our lives easier through 'progress' we're making them harder.