Monday, December 24, 2007

we usually forget...*

what Christmas is all about.. we end up wasting our vacations in the stores trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone and we don't even give one second to Who is the reason for the season right?.. so i want to give Him thanks for giving me another year of celebrations and pray for many more to come.. and that he never let me forget that He's the reason for all these good times we call Holidays..

thank You i ♥ You... =)


cArLa M. said...

tu habLas de Santa cLaus verdaaaad!
embuste no jajajaja
pero es verdad.. siempre nos oLvidamos..

muy bonito :)

cArLa M. said...

ah y como no te puedo dejar un comment en la foto de la playa.. esto era lo ke iba a decir

i LOve our winter :D!!!!!

jajaja La foto esta beLLa