Wednesday, December 12, 2007

brain storm...*

-have u ever felt like u don't belong?...
like people aren't really what they seem?

-i really don't care that much about what other people think but man if i care too much it means something right?...

-finally the rain is over.. i guess.. well it's still raining but not as much and often as these last days.. i finally saw blue in the sky today.. yay!

-tomorrow i have my last exam of this year finally.. i hope i ace it :)

-today i heard a song of scary kids, scaring kids that said "i'm conquering the world one heart at a time" i loved it =)

-i realized i'm not liking myself physically as much as i did before .. but i'm working on it.. i think is finally coming back i'm feeling prettier .. maybe it was the hormones.. ohh the hormones...

-it's funny that nobody in my family is a twin and yet i can have twins.. said my dr. .. two miracles one big pain... haha

-why can't we live in Pangaea we could go everywhere without an airplane.. =D

the muse is gone.. good night...*


mcxl5 said...

i like the pangea idea. :)

good luck on your exam missy.. i hope it goes as well as the one today.

cArLa M. said...

jajaja ustedes con pangea.. pero es verdad seria mas faciL.. y eso de que no te gustaba como te veia aLOmejor era tu mood
we aLways care about everything to much even if we dont want to
anyway ♥

cArLa M. said...

and i think u are pretty.. :D we aLL are!