Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Etsy News...*

Some things going on :)

i have a new listing click here

check out this amazing BNR that had 39 sales in one day and tomorrow it's going to be better!. It opens at 7am so keep tuned!

and go by this thread tomorrow at 9pm for galla15's FAME she's offering a great sale! don't miss it!!!


Estylo Jewelry said...

I've seen a lot of BNR treasuries. Do they actually work? Never tried them.

d3b...* said...

well they work if they're well promoted. i haven't been in many but everytime i get bought off so i think that's good.. right now i'm in one that is not having many traffic but i'm in from the first round i didn't have to buy to be on it.. maybe try one and see how it goes? sometimes it works really well but it just depends on how it's being promoted :)...*