Sunday, August 8, 2010

Featuring Sunday: My Handmade Crafts...*

I know it was supposes to be Fridays but this week has been really busy. Anyways I'm doing it today :)

This week's feature is an amazing shop that I love from Singapore called My Handmade Crafts.

Here are the questions.
1)Tell me a little bit about your shop
It's a place where interests and crafts meet... a whimsically fanciful lot where imagination runs free ~

2)When/Why did you decide to open an etsy shop?
Started planning in Jun 2009 and officially opened for business in Nov 2009. I've always love handmade items and thus thought that Etsy is the perfect avenue for artists and crafters to express themselves through their pieces, while allowing them to earn some additional income to support their interests.

3)What would you say makes your shop unique?
Well, I believe that every shop has it's own uniqueness and mine is a showcase of my own designed items, which you will not find in other shops. Most of the pieces are one of a kind too. Also, I treasure all my customers and thus treat them as how I would like to be treated as a customer. A satisfied customer of mine once commented that I went beyond the extra mile to fulfill her customisation requests that she was quite amazed at the high level of my service at my amazingly affordable prices. I do hope all of my customers felt that way after shopping in my shop. :)

 4)What is your favorite item from your shop?
I love all my designs! If I must choose one to be my favorite, that would be my Feathery White Poppy Brooch/Corsage and Hair Pin. That's my first try at fascinators and I simply love how the final creation looks!

5)Do you remember the first piece you ever made? If so what was it?
Jewelry and accessories wise, my first piece would be an angel mobile phone strap that I made and gave to my sister for Christmas. Else it would be the paper sculpture card that I gave to my mum for mother's day when I was around 12.

 Thank My Handmade Crafts for answering this questions!! I have to say that My Personal Favorite has to be this one. You can even choose your own color. How great is that??

If you want to contact this lovely etsy shop:

And guess what? If you mention her this feature on the message to seller you will get 10% Discount!!


MyHandmadeCrafts said...

Thank you for the great feature, Deb! Love it! :))))

LyonsDenCreations said...

Beautiful feature of Myhand!! She has such beautiful items!! Great job Deb!

PaintedMemoriesByRosella said...

Nicely written about a lovely shop.

asdesigns said...

it looks great! myhandmadecrafts has a beautiful shop.

araleling said...

Amazing feature =)
MyHandmadeCrafts creations are amazing =)
Love my blue whallie =3