Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Feature: TrinketsNWhatnots...*

 Hello everyone, this week's feature is an Etsy shop called TrinketsNWhatnots.  This shop is a beautiful shop by an amazing seller and friend, Janet.  This shop offers unique handcrafted jewelery made with pearls, swarovski crystals, clay and vintage glass buttons.

1)Tell me a little bit about yourself and your shop.

I started making jewelry in 2005, which is when I left the Navy. I was looking for a hobby to help fill my time, and since I love jewelry I decided to try it. What woman doesn't love some jewelry? I am a person that likes to research things, so I google everything there was to know about making handmade jewelry. If I was going to make jewelry it had to be unique, and I was intrigued by wire work. My shop has evolved and is still evolving but I strive for unique, pearl, Swarovski crystal and button jewelry. Those are my favorite materials. 

 2)What makes your shop unique? 
My shop has unique materials and designs that I think help it stand out from other jewelry shops. For instance, I make button rings... but I try to find vintage buttons that are not common to use in those designs.

3)Why would people love your shop?  
My shop is vintage inspired, unique, feminine, sparkly, sophisticated, artisan jewelry. I think if you like to feel special, have a piece that will make a statement but not too much of a statement you will love my shop.

4)What’s your favorite item from your shop?

I love my rings. But my favorite piece is this 3 strand pearl necklace with a shell flower clasp.


5)Anything new coming soon for your shop?
I DO have a new line of Swarovski jewelry coming. I want to have matching pendant necklaces and earrings to go with my rings. You can see a sneak preview of them here on my flickr account:

 I absolutely love this shop, and my favorite are the vintage button rings. I own one and I loveee it!!.. and I have my eye on some more. I have to say that my personal favorite currently on the shop is this one.

If you want to know more about this shop here are the links:
Personal Website
Etsy Shop
Blog  (currently a Swarovski Ring Giveaway!!)


bountyofbeads said...

Absolutely wonder blog and her jewelry is just breathtaking!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely feature!

I bet it was hard to pick only a few things for the interview Deb =)

AbsintheDragonfly from the 30 min. post.

galla15 said...

You did a wonderful job on this post. Thank you for featuring me. Thanks Bounty and Esscentual for the wonderful comments :))

Crystal Zacharias said...

Great feature! Can't wait for my new necklace!!!

Mimi said...

Beautiful work galla15!

Mimi said...

Beautiful work galla15!

new creationz said...

Galla does stunning work. Great feature and good to get to know her a little better!

asdesigns said...

Great job, I love galla's work