Thursday, August 12, 2010


Are we ever truly free? Is there a point in our lives when we don't have to depend on something or someone else?..

I have always think that human beings are dependent of something or someone in every second of their lives.. so that means we are never free. At least not completely free. That means we are always attached to something/someone.

Or am i mistaking the meaning of freedom?
Maybe freedom is achieved with another human being..

Maybe freedom is a state of mind mixed with happiness.
But what do I know?


KippysSoMature said...

very interesting post - I had thought and thought about that for so very long...freedom from bondage...and yes, freedom is found in Jesus Christ
"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. " from the Bible, John 8:36

d3b...* said...

thank u kippy for such beautiful words...*

Estylo Jewelry said...

I don't think we could ever be completely free, but then, when you think about it would you really like to be completely free? I mean I like being attached to my family and I wouldn't like to be "free" of them.